When your mind is cluttered, your to-do list is never-ending and you don’t know how to talk through your feelings– create something instead.

You don’t have to be an artist to get in touch with your creative side, and Art Therapy isn’t just about painting or drawing– these tend to be easier to explore at first given most of the materials can be found in your home.

Here are some other forms of art therapy I use with my clients:

  • Clay therapy

    Using your imagination and  inner creativity, the clay becomes a canvas where you can freely explore and bring forth your artistic vision.

  • Doodling

    Also known as line art, it is said to enable connection between the conscious and subconscious, gaining access to the inner self.

  • Collage

    Collage art is a form of artistic expression where various materials are used to create a new composition and allows for a range of creativity.

  • Masks

    The art of mask-making is an ideal way to bring to the surface all things within one’s psyche to explore, reflect upon and even release.

  • Journaling

    Journaling allows you to take note of what you might need to hear or receive, and sometimes the best way to receive that is from yourself.

  • Sand play therapy

    Sand play therapy is a gentle yet effective process that allows the subconscious to come through when making a sand sculpture.

Did you know that Creative Art Therapy can be a powerful tool for promoting your mental health?

I am currently taking on new clients for 2024 for private 1:1 Art Therapy sessions. If you’re unsure, I also offer a 15-minute and obligation-free call to help you decide if an Art Therapy session with me is right for you.

Book your 1:1 Art Therapy Session

If you’re ready to book your first Art Therapy session with me, you can book single sessions to get a feel for it or bundle your sessions for the best value.

Book your 15-minute free consultation

Still not sure? I offer a no-strings-attached, free 15-minute consultation for you to ask more questions about Art Therapy in a safe space before you decide.


And I’d love to work with you, if you’re ready.

I help those who struggle with anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, fear and complex traumas. If you’re feeling:

  • frustrated with the repetitiveness of your every-day life.
  • suffocated by the never-ending to-do list.
  • guilty for wanting to focus more time on yourself, but you’ve got others to care for.
  • lost and unsure what you truly want in life.
  • robbed of energy and connection with the outside world.
  • like your mind can’t ever “switch off” so you can unwind and relax, for once.
  • short on time and can’t always leave the house to make appointments.

You deserve to express yourself the way you feel most comfortable and heal in a judgement-free and supportive space.

Book your virtual 1:1 Art Therapy session with me and I’ll help guide you through your journey of inner work and self-(re)discovery.

If you are in a crisis or need to speak to someone immediately, Lifeline’s 13 11 14 crisis support service is available 24/7, or you can send confidential one-to-one texts with a trained Lifeline Crisis Supporter on 0477 131 114. You are loved, you are cared for and there is support for you.

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I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where I work and live, the Turrbal and Jagera peoples and pay my respects to Elders past and present. I celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.